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Free DUI Lawyer Advice From An Experienced Daytona Beach DUI Attorney

This site is dedicated to providing free DUI advice to individuals charged with DUI. It is not intended to replace the need to hire a DUI Attorney. The intent is to provide individuals charged with DUI free DUI information. I have handled hundreds of DUI cases as a criminal defense attorney and former DUI prosecutor. Each phase of a DUI has a page on the site and will list Free DUI defense strategies and DUI legal issues that occur during that phase. The site also provides free DUI lawyer information to DUI attorneys. Useful links are on the site to check breath test results, intoxilyzer 8000 maintenance, intoxilyzer 8000 compliance and mandatory minimum sentence information. The site will not function as a free DUI Lawyer but will give information so that those accused of DUI will be better educated about the issues that occur in DUI cases.

The site is intended to functions as a convenient information portal with Free Florida DUI Lawyer case law and Free Florida DUI Lawyer forms. You can find a free Florida DUI Lawyer document to get a 42 day permit. If the accused refuses to take a breath, blood or urine test your license will be administratively suspended after 10 days under Florida law. If you have a breath or blood alcohol content over .08 your license will be suspended after 10 days unless a review hearing is requested. Bu using the free DUI Lawyer document and paying $25 you can obtain a 42 day permit to challenge your driver's license suspension. If a hearing is not requested your license will be suspended after 10 days.

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This site provides Free DUI Lawyer advice to help individuals understand some of the common issues that occur in DUI cases. You can look at the menu at the left of the page and research the DUI issue that is relevant to your case. If you feel that your rights have been violated you should speak with a DUI Lawyer to make sure the violations are properly addressed. If an individual decides to represent themself you should be aware of the possible issues you will face. Remember that anything you say can be used against you. Courtrooms have digital recording or court reporters documenting everything you say. You are under oath and it can and almost certainly will be used against you. The Public Defenders are excellent attorneys but since they are not appointed until arraignment your license will already be administratively suspended unless you take steps to get a 42 day permit. If you download and fill out the Free DUI Lawyer form you can extend your driving privileges by 42 days. All you have to do is be eligible for a driver's license but for your DUI and pay $25 to The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. Additional Free DUI Lawyer advice is available throughout the site. If you are arrested for a DUI in Central Florida contact Central Florida DUI Attorney Kevin Pitts.

* Disclaimer: This summary was prepared by Daytona Beach DUI Lawyer and former prosecutor Kevin Pitts. It should be used as a reference only. Interested parties should refer to the full text of the law before drawing legal conclusions. This is not legal advice and if you have hired an attorney you should follow their advice in resolving your Florida DUI case.

Free DUI Lawyer Advice From An Experienced DUI Attorney And Former DUI Prosecutor

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